Wednesday, December 23, 2009

email down...

Hello. Not especially bloggy, but enough people read this who might want to email me that it's worth saying...

I.T. have re-routed my on-board email to go to my gmail account, which is fine. The trouble is that I can't access my gmail on board, as their firewall blocks it. So I'm offline re. email until next week some time, probably.

Kind of makes things on board a bit more complex too, as almost all meetings and information about various events, etc, is communicated via email.

I'll try and go to the mall or something and get email access there somehow, but it'll be sporadic at best.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Long time no update...

So I guess I'd better try and get back into the swing of things.

Well, it finally happened. Doulos is officially ending. In just under 3 weeks time.

Surprised? Well, I wasn't. We'd known that many issues were coming to light during the drydock, and it turned out the issues were more than were worth trying to sort out, for an increasingly short possible length of time.

You can read more about it on if you hadn't already heard...

It's been public for about a month now, I guess... and so my girlfriend and I will be leaving Doulos in exactly 2 weeks.

We'll be going to work with OMNIvision for a few months, hoping to get a clearer notion as to whether we should go back there for a few years longer, later next year.

Right now, I'm pretty tired. I'm officially not AV any more, but working in training department, but still with many AV commitments, and jobs. I've not been able to hand over some of the last bits to my friend and replacement, as too many bits were caught up in the whole drydock thing, which didn't really end solidly, so stuff just dragged out.

I'm getting bits of my new jobs kind of messed up to - down to forgetting to organize someone to lead music this morning at the "Tuesday Morning Devotions".

I'm horribly behind with email, blog, newletters, packing and preparing to leave here soon, I'm behind on days-off, I have large projects I don't even know where to start on, and so on.

I'm writing this at 5am, after having stayed up all night working with the videographer on finishing an "End of Doulos" presentation video which is needed later today. I was mainly doing audio engineering / cleaning up work. We still need one shot, and so a couple of guys are heading out at in half an hour to go shoot it - us sailing Doulos into Vivo City in Singapore for the final time. Then it'll be rendering all day until getting shown this evening.

I also need to rig up an amplifier for some speakers in the bookshop this morning, and then I'm going out off the ship with the other Training Department people for the day.

It's busy.