Thursday, October 16, 2008

Makin' a movie

I'm working on another short film/video project. Here's a few frames from it for your enjoyment.

I'm still quite tired and frustrated and so on, but a bit better. I've had a day off since my last post, which was good, and another few days off in the next few weeks too, so that's good too. I'll be writing a longer text blogpost soon.


Natalie said...

Hey Dan,
Thanks for the shots I especially liked the (MS) of the child. it reminded me of my art project which the subject is poverty. I am currently writing a script for a short film.

VentureGirl said...

Found your blog through a link of a link... :)

I just have to comment (I'm a photography junkie)
The shots you have are really beautiful. Very artistic and very raw. Keep up the good work! ^^